How would you like to source, build, and take home your very own didgeridoo?

One of my passions is to share the process of making didgeridoos, to help spread the love of this wonderful instrument.

This is your chance to make your own didge, and to learn all about the intricacies of the process direct from me.

In your workshop, we will head out together into the English woodland, identify and retrieve a candidate tree that matches your preferences, then work through the whole process of shaping, cutting, carving out, gluing, and finishing the instrument.

I run workshops for one or more individuals, and over either one or two days. (For the two-day workshops, if you're fine with dogs you are welcome to stay in our beautiful home, or there are B&Bs and hotels very nearby.)

Great food and refreshments are provided.

Testimonial from Christian, one-day workshop, 2022

Check out how it sounds!

Christian came up at the end of October 2022 for a one-day didgeridoo making workshop.

We started with a walk early in the morning and found a lovely fallen branch from a beech tree, identified and cut a good section, brought it back to base, shaped, cut, and spent most of the day carving out the two halves with gouges.

Although Christian originally had a more traditional, slightly higher pitch in mind like a D, we both loved the tone of this B so much, he has kept it and played it ever since.

Listen to the clip, and you'll agree it would have been a crime to cut down this powerful, meditative didgeridoo.

One-day Workshops

We'll start early, heading out into the woodland, and will work through the entire process on the same day. You will head home in the evening with your new handmade didgeridoo and a head full of new ideas. (Note, we can only make one didgeridoo in a day.)

  • One attendee: £250
  • Two attendees: £350

Two-day Workshops

For a more immersive experience, take the two-day option. As well as working through the didgeridoo building process, you will learn far more about the various design factors that go into didgeridoos, have more time to finish and decorate your didge(s), and even get some tuition in how to play.

  • One attendee: £450
  • Two attendees: £550 (2x didgeridoos)

How to book..

Simply email me with your requirements and we can arrange the best dates for your private workshop.