#2017: Beautiful birch Didgeridoo in Bb £180 

 August 2, 2020

By  Ben

This long, deep didgeridoo is a lovely instrument. It features a long, gradual, straight taper for most of the length then into a generous bell for the last part. The bell gives it a little more backpressure and volume, and the didge plays really well... once you get the hang of it!

As with all low tones, this is definitely not recommended for beginner players, but more experienced didge players will find it extremely satisfying and rewarding.

  • Number: 2020-17
  • Harvested 24 July 2020
  • Completed 26 July 2020
  • Base tone: Bb
  • Length: 1.57m
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Ease of play: Challenging


If you would like this didgeridoo, please note that I do not currently ship. You are welcome to pay online and collect, or meet me at an upcoming festival or craft fair. If you are local to me (North East Derbyshire, England), I may also deliver.

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