How to Play the Didgeridoo 

 July 16, 2020

By  Ben

Here are a few short lessons to give you the basics of playing the didgeridoo covering: the basic drone, circular breathing, and how to produce a variety of different sounds.

Lesson 1: The Drone

The drone is the natural, fundamental low sound that comes through the didgeridoo and should be the first sound that a beginner tries to get out of the instrument. This short video gives you the basic tips you need to know to play a drone on your didge.

Lesson 2: Circular Breathing

Circular breathing is the term that describes the way a didgeridoo player can play without stopping, keeping the didge vibrating constantly. It is not, as the same might suggest, a magical way of breathing in and out at the same time, but a technique that uses air stored in the cheeks to keep the buzz going while the player takes a sharp in-breath through the nose.

Lesson 3: Different Sounds

A quick introduction to some of the main ways you can make the didgeridoo produce different sounds, including breathing pattern, tongue position, and vocalisation.

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